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Our Purpose

celebrating the spirit within

Our vision is to raise up a writer in you. Writing gives us the ability to put our thoughts in one place and share them with the world. Your story needs to be heard and Women's Frontline Magazine creates a platform to necessitate that.


Women all over the world are being raised to move to the frontline to build and establish a kingdom legacy. God is calling us out of the ashes to the forefront of his gospel. What you thought would kill you is the very thing that God wants to use to raise you up, so you, in turn, can raise up nations.


There is something about telling your story because someone, somewhere, will be encouraged and uplifted to pursue their purpose in life.

Our magazine caters to all types of writings;

journalism, storytelling, essays, articles, devotions, advice, journals, or poetry. Be a part of a generation who will pen their story for the glory of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.


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