John 12:3

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Like Mary Magdalene there are women out there who know that they have been forgiven much.

Mary's heart was transformed and she experienced love and joy for the first time despite all the enticements of the world she had been a part of.

Does it sound familiar?

She began to have love for her Saviour which later motivated her to pour costly perfume on Jesus’ head and feet.

Imagine the drama that must have taken place as she did this!

Judas was irritated because he thought that she was wasting an expensive perfume! But Mary knew that Jesus was worth everything she could give. The fragrance of her gift has made her popular throughout every generation, reminding us that whatever we give to Christ as a thanksgiving will create a fragrance everywhere we go.

Ask yourself what fragrance is coming forth from your life?

When you realise how much you have been forgiven, no sacrifice is too great.

Mary is woman of valour we can learn a lot from.

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