Who am I?

I am the esteemed Daughter of the Most High God, bought and purchased with a price that cannot be matched by anything in this world. I am unique, my characteristics are refined just for me. My heart was designed specially for me, every heartbeat fashioned just for me.

I am surrounded by an Amazing Love that radiates through me from the inside out. My friend GRACE covers me and keeps me every waking moment. Around me is a protective shield that no-one can penetrate unless I allow them to. Within me is a force greater than any other and I use this force to command Angels to war on my behalf.

In my hands is the power to touch and heal . My mouth is a ready sword, quick to silence those that come against me, and patient in encouraging those that have no hope. My voice is different from the rest and when I open my mouth and speak, God knows its me. Because of the Love you have deposited in me oh Lord, you carry my voice to places far and near.

In my voice is the power to summon Angels and rebuke demons. My hands are designed to be raised in worship and my knees made to endure; so I bend my knees and pray. My eyes, if used properly, have radar vision, penetrating the seen and unseen.

In me is the power to birth a vision and follow it through, without being faint or weary. I have the potential to summon nations and stop wars. My children will be called blessed for generations to come, because of the legacy I will leave behind. I am designed to create and bring things into creation.

I have a magnetic attraction because I represent the truth of Jesus Christ, which delivers and sets people free from their chains. There is a constant singing in my spirit which is designed for each season.


I am everything that I want to be in Christ Jesus.

God, keep on reminding me of who I am.

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